Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things they are a changing

Saturday night we went over to our good friends Neil and Colleens house for the UFC fight.... They had a little girl about 9 months ago. Katie Eileen Salah.Whatta doll!! Neil is one of my closest friends and they are the only other married couple in our group. Also they are the only ones to have a baby in our crew. Pretty amazing how they are with the baby too. Very cool to see. lots of baby faces and stupid voices... But we had a blast!!

Big Blue eyes!

3 men and a baby

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

KeyWester dinner

Every year we celebrate Aim and Kitts Birthdays by going out to a nice dinner with the Dowiarz crew. this year was special because the Dr. and Lynda(not really her name but Popps called her that at the wedding in his speech) celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary!! Congratulations!! We headed out to naperville to the Keywester for dinner and a photo shoot.

Prom 2010

Birtdhays, birthdays, birthdays

The two families The Dowiarzs and Gapastiones breaking bread for the birthdays

Coops after about 12 cookies

The Gapastione girls birthday cake. Oooopps looks like someone forgot Aims name!!

Skyping with the Cali-Gapps for Lulus Birthday too. February's a busy month!!

The Wolfman,Popps was tellin Cooper that he sleeps under his bed and he likes to eat little boys. Copper started crying.... So Popps said that Cooper could be his Wolf boy. Cooper agreed and the Popps fed him ice cream cake from a bowl.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Sunday minus Aim

Super Sunday was held at Bill's this year. If you ask me it was'nt so super without Aim there. She did not feel like going, she wanted to relax. However she insisted that I go. I put up no fight with her and went. I'm glad I did too cause I won the pool again!!!!! She's still my good luck charm!!Last year and the year before I picked her basketball #22 and her birthday the 25th. All 3 years it has been 22 or 25. So here are some pics without my lucky charmed Wife!!

Big Winner..... Yet Again!!! Yhatzeee!!!


The 3rd annual Gapastione Chili Sunday took place a few weeks back.
All my fixings for the Master recipe.

This is how we chop onions in our house, protects the eyes plus it looks cool!

Another chili sunday in the books!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

De LUX New Years

We went down town to Lux bar the bar that Richie runs for New Years Eve. The whole crew made it down, and we had blast.. Peace out 2009!!

Richie never misses a chance to fish hook someone. Jake made the trip in from the burbs too with his wife Merideth. NYE is their annversary... 5 years Congrats pyzon!

Our friends Jason and Erin came down for dinner and the festivities! Good times!

Aim, Erin and Kimmy

The tradition continues for a fourth year!!

What would new years be with out a stupid hat? Billy makes yet another cameo...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Scottsdale in the house!!

Chris and Chris the gay Christmas tree selling lumberjacks.